CM 40th
Andrea Hunter
Grand Prize Winner:
Andrea has been a freelance and contract photographer for over 10 years. Beginning as a black-and-white analog photographer with a passion for dark room developing, she has now grown into a digital artist bringing her images life in a very creative style. She has won numerous international awards and been published in many magazines across the world. Andrea can be seen photographing everything from weddings, families, and animals to zombies, high fashion, and fantasy. She is constantly advancing in her career and pushing the boundaries to what she'll shoot next!
Ryan Marshall of Walk Off the Earth in Atlanta, GA (2018)
Bernard Clark
1st Runner Up:
Johnny Fay & Gord Downie of The Tragically Hip in Kingston, ON (2008)
Marissa Dubrofsky
2nd Runner Up:
Christee Palace in Mississauga, ON (2019)
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