The CM40 Party was a wonderful celebration of the success and impact you have made on the industry.

Congratulations again and we certainly look forward to working with you for many years to come.

- Dan Kano, Coast Music

So overwhelmingly impressed that Canadian Musician magazine made it to a 40th anniversary party (held last night at Grace O'Malley's in Toronto), I got a tattoo to commemorate the occasion. Okay, it'll wear off in a few days but not before people, who don't know Canadian Musician from the Horse Breeders Gazette, look at it and offer congratulations on 40 years of marriage - not even close - or some other imagined milestone moment. All that aside, congrats to Jim Norris, Maureen Jack and crew on this impressive achievement and their contributions to the Canadian music ecosystem over the years.

- Martin Melhuish

This is indeed a fantastic anniversary...Jim and both have been a part of us all in this crazy music industry. Jim...from booking you when you were in Seadog to now...Maureen...Doug and I bought every music book you had for years....I since have passed them on budding musicians who need to know "This business of Music."..

- Joan Kirby

Wishing Jim Norris and his team another 40 great years at Canadian Musician Magazine.

- Vince DiGiorgio

Congratulations Jim Norris and thank you for all you have done and continue to do for our Industry!

- Cathy Young

Congratulations to Canadian Musician on 40 amazing years! Here’s to 40 more.

- Strut Entertainment

Congratulations on 40 years supporting our industry in Canada

- Andrew Hope, AVL Media Group

40 years ago CM was a major source of inspiration to a young musician starting out. 40 years later it is still an inspiration to an old recording/mixing engineer .... thanks!

- Iain Booth, Audio Creative

 Happy anniversary Canadian Musician magazine! I love you so much and you’re like a second family to me.

- Sophia Radisch

Over the years, I remember being a young man playing guitar and thinking that maybe one day I’d actually be in this magazine. Thankfully that day has come, so thank you to them for all the support. So, just keep going. Keep doing what you’re doing and it’s clearly working.

- Steve Strongman

It feels incredible [to be in the magazine]. It’s nice to be surrounded by some amazing company who have been in the magazine over the years, especially having read the content. It feels really good.
- Lost Cousins

[Canadian Musician] is such a big part of the industry for Canadian musicians, so I hope to be amongst those great names some day.

- Kyle Meagher

 When I was 12 years old, I got a subscription to Canadian Musician magazine and it literally changed my life. It was the first magazine to write about Canadian artists exclusively and not just what they’re dealing with, with life on the road and stuff everyone was covering, but it was talking about the insides of instruments and the methodology of instruments and songwriting or what it’s like to be a trumpet player on the road. There are so many aspects to the music industry that the magazine taught me. I’m forever grateful to Jim and everybody at Canadian Musician magazine.”

- Eric Alper

 I’ve been reading Canadian Musician all the way from Calgary for years and it’s been amazing to stay up on Canadian stories and industry insight.

- Ruben Young

John-Angus: “When we were still living at our mom’s house in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, we had a subscription to the magazine. It came in once a month and the whole thing felt like from another planet. When you grow up in a small town in a small part of the country like Nova Scotia, the industry feels like it may as well be on Mars. You don’t really feel a direct connection to it. So, we would just thumb through it and read the articles and read about all these musicians and all the advice of the industry. It was a really helpful tool. And then to navigate through the business, however we managed to do that, and then end up on the cover twice!”

Colin: “It was amazing. And I think we were one of the first bands where they had an action shot [on the cover.] They shot us at our first jam space in Toronto and I remember thinking, ‘Wow, this is really cool and what an honour.’ And then we got on the cover again a few years later and that was really cool, too. It just makes you feel accepted or something nice like that…

“I remember always reading the vocal advice columns because I was a singer and would lose my voice all the time in the bars. I remember Todd Kerns, he was with Age of Electric at the time, and he had this really good advice about singing and how you have to save your voice and not everyone can go out and be Bono every night.”

- Colin and John-Angus MacDonald of The Trews

Congrats again on the major milestone. You must be in a small group of publications to reach 40 years! Hope you have a great celebration.

- Allan Reid, CARAS/The JUNO Awards

Congratulations on a huge benchmark moment

- Tom Kemp, The Feldman Agency

Congratulations on Canadian Musician’s 40th Anniversary. CM has very valuable information for our students who are just starting out, and for anyone who is working in, or has an interest in, the music industry

- George Botly, Harris Institute

Happy 40th!

- Shane Carter, Sony Music Entertainment Canada

Congratulations again on a terrific 40th anniversary issue

- James Linderman

Happy 40th anniversary to Canadian Musician!

- Karen Kosowski

I am wishing you guys a wonderful 40th anniversary

- Fred Mollin
Congratulations - that’s a huge accomplishment

- Gil Moore, Metalworks Institute
Congratulations on 40 years of excellent coverage of Canada's music industry

- Ken Trevana, OIART
Congrats to the CM Team and I wish you another 40 years (minimum!) of success

- Jean-Louis Blanchard, AC Lighting
Please give my best to Jim and the whole team.  Congratulations on 40 years

- Bob Ezrin 
Congratulations on a successful 40 years

- Brad Davidson, D’Addario Canada
Enjoy and congratulations. I remember when Jim first started. Please send him my regards. 

- Sol Fleising, SFM
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