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Bring the studio home to you! Whether you're a musician doing it yourself, or an engineer looking for the next level, get to know the fundamentals you need to turn up the quality of your home recordings; including room treatment, essential recording gear, and tracking techniques.
Whether you're tracking in a friend's basement or on the clock with a team of engineers in a pro facility, entering the studio fully prepared, well-poised, and with the right mindset will maximize your efficiency and let you focus solely on your performance. Put simply, the more you learn, try, and fail before entering the studio, the more you'll succeed when it matters.
Well before the COVID-19 crisis, remote songwriting sessions were gaining steam as a convenient, cost-effective way to bring artists together for creative collaboration from anywhere in the world.
Canadian songwriter, producer, and engineer Karen Kosowski has output hits with a wide array of successful artists including Brett Kissel, Tim Hicks, Mickey Guyton, and more – sometimes in her Nashville studio and sometimes from several locations at once.
Livestreamed concerts. They’ve gone from being novel and sparse to pretty much unescapable in just a few months – and it looks like they’re be here to stay. They’ve also opened a new potential revenue stream for artists at a critical point in time. So how do you maximize your impact and earnings?
How do you build a relationship with your audience online? Can you make a deep connection with people you've never seen face-to-face, or only met briefly? What are the steps to creating good posts and content that deepen relationships and lead to a loyal and engaged fan community that will support you through music and merch sales, crowdfunding, and more?
These are unprecedented times for everyone, with musicians and the music industry facing a particularly unique set of challenges; however, where there are challenges, there are opportunities, and we want to help you stay productive and drive your career forward.
Over the last few years, breaking into the playlist ecosystem on platforms like Spotify and getting songs on the most popular ones has become something of a fixation for the music industry, and it’s somewhat justified. Playlist placements can help break an artist and greatly boost their numbers, but it's important that artists understand how this playlist ecosystem works in order to better tailor their approach to the game – or decide if it’s even worth playing.
Who are you as an artist? What's your story? How are you different from the hordes of other musicians competing for people's attention? Music industry veteran Steve Waxman shares advice on how a clearly-defined narrative can help you and your team stay focused while strategizing a game plan to attract new fans and achieve your goals.
Darryl Hurs of CD Baby and Indie Week Canada shares proven tips get your music heard, promote your live shows and related initiatives, and ultimately, grow your audience. We'll help you get a release plan in place well ahead of time, prepare all of your assets, teach you how to take advantage of the many tools at your disposal to make the best impression, and more. 
In today’s highly-competitive music market, media placement opportunities in TV/film, gaming, advertising, and more have become an increasingly attractive opportunity for artists to earn revenue from their work. What’s more, thanks to the media landscape’s speedy and significant evolution, there are more avenues than ever for potential partnerships and placements.
Dropping new music? Hitting the road for a tour? Launching a special charity campaign? If you want to get the word out beyond your social media bubble, you'll need an effective, well-written press release sent out to the right people at the right media outlets. Then, you'll need to do some targeted follow-up to maximize your coverage and impact. 
Elevate your performance on and off the stage with our latest FREE webinar. Join Mike Schwartz (CSCS, HLC, PN), aka The Rock Doctor - the trusted authority on musician wellness - for a discussion that will inspire you to turn good to great.
We will empower you with the tools to take charge of your creativity and career and lead a happy, healthy, and fulfilling life. 
Should I be signing this contract? How can I legally perform in the U.S.? Can I remix any song I want? What’s a split sheet?
Chances are you’ve encountered a few tough questions related to music law, and if you haven’t yet, trust us. You will.
In this FREE webinar, music lawyer Byron Pascoe will answer general music law FAQs that will empower you to make good decisions. He will also cover common music law agreements (from producer to management agreements) and related negotiation strategies and red flags.of factors that can affect your vocal health – and all kinds of consequences for not taking it seriously.
You need your voice at its absolute best whether you’re performing several times a week or gearing up for your first open mic set. There are all kinds of factors that can affect your vocal health – and all kinds of consequences for not taking it seriously.
The days of waiting around for a major label A&R rep to swoop in with a briefcase full of cash to propel your career forward are long gone. With plenty of tools and talented collaborators at their disposal, a career in music has never been more attainable for independent artists. You just need the right plan and the right attitude.
Touring is tough. Whether you’re hitting the road for the first time or have a few runs under your belt, you know there are all kinds of things to consider – money, responsibilities, relationships, health, and of course, playing kick-ass shows to earn new fans and generate new opportunities. Rock outfit Silverstein have been touring for over 15 years, going from opening slots at dive bars to headlining shows and festivals for countless fans around the world. Drummer and manager Paul Koehler joins us to offer tips and answer questions to help make your next tour a success.
Whether you’re an artist or industry pro, you’ll find this session essential to your success. To get from where you are now to where you want to be in the future, you need a well-developed career plan. Canadian Musician publisher and NWC president Jim Norris will teach you how to set and achieve goals, keep yourself motivated, and constructively deal with setbacks and disappointment.   
When some of rock music's biggest names need a drummer for an album or tour, Brent Fitz is often at the top of their list. Throughout his career, he's been tapped to keep time for the likes of Slash, Gene Simmons, Alice Cooper, Vince Neil, Theory of a Deadman, Monster Truck, and more. In this FREE webinar, Brent joins us with tips on getting your name out, positioning yourself to get the call for live and studio sessions, and how to make sure you're totally ready when the time comes, no matter which instruments or styles you play. 
Each year, The JUNO Awards celebrate the best of Canadian music - but it's not just the big-name artists taking home the hardware. Let us show you how to apply and be considered for one of Canadian music’s most prestigious honours.
In this FREE webinar, Alexandra Golden from CARAS/The JUNO Awards joins us to offer an in-depth look at the submission, nomination, and awards process to help you understand the ins and outs of the various eligibility criteria. Then, we’ll share tips on how you can efficiently submit your application. 
Teresa Cirillo has been dubbed “Canada’s foremost vocal coach,” and in this free webinar, she’ll be sharing advice on how to train your body and voice to be in perfect harmony.
Teresa’s proprietary system of vocal coaching – as shared in her acclaimed book The Vocal Compass – can alleviate any common singing issues by balancing the physical and emotional body to align the voice and find total vocal freedom. You’ll be ready to sing your best whether you’re on the road, in the studio, or just taking a shower. 
Regardless of whether you’re gigging several times a week or only playing on rare occasions, you want your guitar or bass to be in great condition and gig-ready. In this FREE webinar, one of Canada’s busiest guitar and bass techs to the stars offers advice on everything from regular care tips to warning signs of bigger – and more expensive – problems.

You want to make as big and immediate of an impact as possible with your next album, EP, or single release, and we're going to help you do it. Get your music all of the attention it deserves with a major label release strategy on an indie budget.
Rick Barker is a music industry consultant with plenty of experience helping major artists put out new music. As the manager of American Idol winner Trent Harmon and former manager of Taylor Swift, a veteran label executive, and current social media mentor for American Idol and The Launch, he's tackled this challenge from all sides and is here to share some invaluable tips from the trenches.
Save money, save time, and get the best recordings possible!
Regardless of whether you're recording at home or in a major studio, knowing what to expect and being fully prepared will maximize your efficiency and the quality of your music. In this FREE webinar, Producer/engineer Kevin Dietz has recorded Randy Bachman, Tom Cochrane, Stone Sour, Alexisonfire, SonReal, Protest the Hero, The Glorious Sons, and many others. Needless to say, he knows his way around the studio, and he's here to share his expertise.
If you create original music, SOCAN wants to put money in your pocket. It’s that simple.
SOCAN – the Society of Composers, Authors, and Music Publishers of Canada – is a performance rights organization that represents approximately 150,000 creator members across Canada. Basically, their job is to ensure their members are paid for the use of their music around the globe, from radio play to streaming to TV and film placement to live performance and more. ​​
From radio singles to deeper cuts, we’ll dig into some of Josh’s most creative and recognizable parts, fills, and more, and talk about everything from the inspiration and influence behind those parts to how they came together in the studio and how Josh recreates them live in concert. Ultimately, the idea is to get you thinking creatively and adding some new approaches to your own drumming and songwriting.  
From everyday vocal maintenance and practice ideas to effective pre-show warm-ups to proven advice on delivering a strong and impactful performance, Micah shares general tips for singers of all styles and skill levels. He’ll also take questions from attendees on anything they want to know about singing, songwriting, and the voice.
Whether you’re looking for financial help for your next album or to offset travel costs associated with a major showcasing opportunity, there’s money available to help you propel your career forward. You just need to know how to access it.

Advice for Musicians

Bob D'Eith shares input from a ton of top industry professionals – including manager Bruce Allen (Bryan Adams, Michael Buble), producer Garth Richardson (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nickelback), booking agent Jeff Craib (The Tragically Hip, Nelly Furtado), and many others. 
Your Music in Movies, TV Shows & More 
Getting your music placed in films, TV programs, video games, ads, and other media is a great way to make money that comes with some extra benefits.
How to Maximize your Media Coverage
Have you shared your music and story with dozens or even hundreds of media outlets and received little to no response or publicity? There are probably many reasons for that, and what's more, they likely have little or nothing to do with the quality of the music.
There's nothing like tuning in and hearing YOUR song all over the radio. Sure, there are more ways than ever for people to consume music, but terrestrial radio is still one of the biggest drivers of music discovery and a potentially lucrative revenue stream for artists. 
This free webinar will show you how to promote your band, your business, or your career. Learn insider, no B.S. tips that you can put into practice the next day.
Avoid the pain of obscurity and ineffective branding. If you're serious about your success, devote an hour of your busy schedule to take advantage of this essential online learning opportunity. 
The days of a label A&R rep in a fancy suit showing up to your gig with a suitcase full of money and promises of stardom are long gone. In today's industry, labels are taking far fewer risks and looking for partners to create mutually beneficial business relationships. 
How & When a Manager Can Help your Career  
Musicians have to do more than ever before to build their careers and find sustainable success. Having an experienced manager on your team can take a lot of work off of your plate and help push you to new professional heights.  
How to Write an Effective Artist Bio
Fans, media, managers, agents, record companies, music publishers, clubs, festivals... You want their attention, and their introduction to you or your band could very well be your bio. Every band has one, and the majority are unoriginal, unexciting, or just plain bad. Why should anyone pay attention to yours?
It’s never been easier – or less expensive – to capture high-quality recordings from the comfort of home. But with the wealth of equipment and information available, the big question is often: “Where do I start?” 
What is a music publisher? How do songwriters land publishing deals? What kinds of opportunities and revenue streams can music publishing open up for you? 
The newly-elected Liberal Government has pledged billions of dollars in financial support for the Canadian arts and entertainment industries. We want to make sure you get your share.
Plus, we'll introduce and discuss several other potential streams of funding for you, your band, your company, or your organization. 
Are your submissions in to showcase at the many industry events happening in the spring of 2017? From CMW to NXNE to ECMA Week and more, there are some major showcasing opportunities on the horizon for Canadian artists. If you’re lucky enough to be accepted to perform at one of these major events, how do you make the most of the opportunity? 
Every time you take the stage, you have an opportunity to make an impactful statement – a statement that could earn you hoards of new fans, drive sales of your music and merch, and open the door to dozens of future opportunities.
An audience wants to see someone cooler than them doing something cooler than they’re capable of doing. That requires a performer to be fearless in showing the audience who they really are. 
Having a killer web presence as an artist is more important now than ever before, and that grows truer by the day.
Your website is often someone’s first point of contact with your brand and art. It connects you with your audience, lets you share your songs and other media, offers a platform to sell your music, merch, and tickets, and a whole lot more.
So what does an effective artist site look like, and how can you ensure your is working efficiently and effectively for you? 
Major music conferences like Canadian Music Week (CMW), North by Northeast (NXNE), South by Southwest (SXSW), and East Coast Music Week (ECMW) are just around the corner. We want to prepare you to capitalize on the many opportunities these events offer and, ultimately, make the most of your investment.
Music conferences offer a great opportunity to connect with and learn from industry heavyweights, interact with fellow artists, check out the latest products and services for musicians, and catch some great music to boot. 
Just imagine if you had a plan that could keep you focused, creative, and efficient every time you sat down to write, regardless of genre or who else is in the room? We knowa lot can get in the way of a good, productive songwriting session – distractions, writer’s block, self doubt…
So we called up our friend James Linderman (we literally wrote a book on this subject) to join us for this FREE one hour webinar to help YOU maximize your effeciency and productivity.
Whether it’s a new album, an upcoming tour, or something special you’ve got planned for your fans, if you’re looking to get the word out far and wide about a major announcement, it might be time to hire a publicist for a national campaign.
A publicist’s job is to get your message out to as many media outlets as possible, and to ensure those outlets have the information and materials they need to effectively share the news. 
Adam Gallant from The Hill Sound Studio joined us once again for our second recording-themed webinar, and whether you're a budding recordist looking to start cutting demos for your band or a more experienced engineer after some fresh ideas, we've got some tips and tricks that will help you capture high-quality tracks. 
YouTube. Streaming services. Music piracy. While it’s true that the digital age has opened many doors for creators, it has also ushered in more than its share of challenges for individual artists and the music industry as a whole. But all of us – as musicians, consumers, industry, and government – have a role to play in correcting and counteracting those circumstances to create a fairer, more sustainable music ecosystem. 
In this webinar you’ll learn:
-What a band agreement is & what it entails
-How a band agreement can guide your career
-Things to consider when drawing up your band agreement
-How a band agreement can protect everyone's interests …and more.
So you’ve built some buzz in your area
and are now ready to bring your music to new markets.
Sounds great, but where do you start?
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