Canadian Musician has compiled a free ebook (PDF) called "Pushing Through the Pandemic" to help musicians navigate the COVID-19 crisis, highlighting key sources of financial relief and resources for creators, as well as exclusive career-building tips to keep you productive.
Pushing Through The Pandemic
Learn about financial relief, live streaming, home recording, boosting your streaming revenue, asking fans for support, and more.
Musicians and music industry professionals are reeling as measures to address the global coronavirus pandemic have cancelled concerts and tours, major conferences and festivals, and more. 

If you make a living through music and are facing the unprecedented impact of COVID-19, we’ve compiled important and practical information for the creative community to help overcome some of the hardships, confusion, and uncertainty of navigating this crisis, along with ideas to keep you productive and progressing forward through it all.
It’s a challenging time, but one we’ll get through together.