Ruth B. 
Steps Towards Stardom on Her Own
Even with a strong sense of self, with so much success coming before she hit her mid-20s, you could say the past few years have been a bit of a whirlwind. Yet in that time, Ruth B. never stopped writing. Rather than a rushed job, Moments in Between is the result of years of work, in two very different environments. 

“The past four years have been pretty much all over the place. And this album, I've been working on the songs, I guess, ever since Safe Haven came out. But me being kind of a perfectionist and not wanting to rush the music, I just kind of wanted to take my time and let the songs come organically,” she tells Canadian Musician. “So, I'm really excited for people to hear them just because it really is like a collection of moments and stories over the past few years of my life. And when you put these 10 songs together, I think they describe who I’ve become as a person really well.”

    There’s a truism among artists that the first album is the easiest to write. After all, you’ve had your entire life to craft and perfect the songs. The second album, though, is the tricky one - that’s when the pressure is on to follow up a well-received debut, but in a compressed time frame. Yet, Ruth B. says the opposite was true – that Safe Haven came with the stress of following up an ultra-successful first single. Moments in Between, on the other hand, has the confidence of an artist who knows her own voice, knows her way around writing a hook, and isn’t intimidated by the studios or producers. 
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